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To fulfil the provisions of the applicable law concerning to the services of the information society and electronic commerce, data about general information of the website is indicated below.

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1.- End User License Agreement

The following conditions govern the usage of the website, where public is provided with information related to the services of Zuinq Studio. Please read carefully the information below: accessing this website and using the materials content in it implies that you have read and have completely accepted all of these conditions. Zuinq Studio reserves the right to deny, suspend, interrupt or cancel the access or utilization, totally or partially, of this website to those users or visitors who do not comply with any of the conditions included in this legal advice.

This website contains materials like articles, studies and project descriptions, prepared by Zuinq Studio with only informative proposals. Zuinq Studio,S.L. informs you that these contents may be modified, developed or updated in any moment without prior notification.

2.- Rights of intellectual and industrial property

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The totality of the content in this website, with content meaning text, images, files, photos, logos, graphics, brands, icons, colour combinations, or any other element, its layout and design, the selection and the display of the materials included in itself and the software, links and all the rest of audiovisual or sound elements, in addition to its graphic design and source code necessary to its right execution, access and utilization, are protected by industrial and intellectual copyright, owned by Zuinq Studio or individual persons, operating rights not being given beyond the strictly and necessary use of the website.

Particularly, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication and in general any kind of exploitation, using any type of procedure, of the totality or a part of the contents in this website, as well as its design and the selection and the display of the materials included in itself are forbidden. These acts of exploitation may only be conducted if Zuinq Studio allows it and always referring to the ownership of Zuinq Studio on the indicated rights of intellectual and industrial property.

In the same way, it is also prohibited decompiling, disassembling, performing inverse engineering, sublicensing or transmitting in any way, translating or developing software derived of the necessary computer programs used in the execution, access and utilization of this website and the services included in it, as well as performing any kind of exploitation described in the previous paragraph. The website user must always avoid of manipulating, eluding, altering or suppressing any device of protection or security system that might be installed in the website.

Brands, commercial names or distinctive signs are ownership of Zuinq Studio or particulars. Website access does not attribute any right on the aforementioned brands, commercial names and/or distinctive signs.

3.- Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks or links in this website can lead the user to other websites managed by particulars in which Zuinq Studio does not have any kind of control, Zuinq Studio does not respond for the contents or state of this sites. Accessing through Zuinq Studio does not either imply that Zuinq Studio recommends nor approves its contents.

4.- Modifications

With the aim of improving the website, Zuinq Studio reserves the right to modify, expand, or suspend temporally the presentation, configuration, technical specifications and services unilaterally, in any moment and without prior notification.

Likewise, Zuinq Studio reserves the right to modify in any moment the present using conditions, as well as any other particular conditions.

5.- Responsability exclusion

Anyone using this website is doing it by his own and his own risk. Zuinq Studio, with its partners, collaborators, employees and agents does not take any responsibility of the mistakes or omissions the contents in this website or another website linked by this one may lack. Zuinq Studio, its partners, collaborators, employees and agents will be neither considered responsible of any kind of damage derived of the utilization of this website, nor for any acting done by making use of the information provided in it.

Information in this website is provided with no explicit or implicit warranty, and might be changed or updated without prior notification.

Zuinq Studio does not ensure the absence of virus, worms or any other harmful elements that might cause damages or alterations in the system, in the electronic documents or in the website user files. So, Zuinq Studiodoes not respond for the damage that those elements might cause to the user or other particulars. Likewise Zuinq Studio does not take any responsibility or warranty on the availability and continuity in the access to this website or on it to be free of errors, corresponding to the user the obligation of having the proper tools in order to detect and disinfect harmful software.

The user will take responsibility of the damage of any kind of nature that Zuinq Studio might suffer as consequence of the non-fulfilment of any of the obligations the users have due to the present conditions. The user acknowledges and accepts voluntarily that the use of any content in this website is by his own responsibility.

6.- Communication of illicit or inappropriate activities

In the case any website user knew that hyperlinks lead to websites whose content or services are illicit, harmful, degrading, violent or against morality, he could contact Zuinq Studio, notifying:

  • Description of the facts that reveal the illicit or inappropriate content of an hyperlink;
  • In the scenario of copyright violation, such as intellectual property or industrial property, personal data of the copyright owner when the person is different from the communicator. Likewise, he must provide the title that certifies the legitimate ownership of the copyright and, when appropriate, the representation to act instead of the owner when the later is not the communicator;
  • The reception by Zuinq Studio of the expected communication in this clause will not cause, according to the normative related to the services of the information society and electronic commerce, the effective knowledge of the activies and/or the contents indicated by the communicator.

7.- Legislation

These conditions are ruled in all the cases by the Spanish legislation.