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01 ene 1970. We’ll develop the videogame you need

We’ll develop the videogame you need

Published by: Maria del Mar Inda Cervino Category: offtopic Tags: programming, technology, enterprise, iphone, android, company, videogames, augmented reality, html5, nintendo developers, windows phone

We started developing videogames at 2007. Today, we master almost any kind of genre, such us:

  • Multiplayer board games
  • Fast paced action games
  • Physics based games (box2d)
  • Augmented reality experiences (vuforia)
And much more...
We work with the latest technology such as unity3d, spine, box2d, etcetera. Besides, we have experience integrating the most popular platforms such as facebook, twitter, game center, google play game services, etcetera.

If you have a game project in mind, we can help you to design the whole videogame you are looking for, from its inception to stores release.

We focus on Android and iOS devices, but have vast experience on HTML5 game development as well. Besides, we are official Nintendo developers. If you want to see your game published on any other platform, just let us know.


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