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01 ene 1970. Your gym just one click ahead: ISMYGYM, Software for gyms that includes App+Web

Published by: Maria del Mar Inda Cervino Category: software for gyms Tags: visibility, social network, marketing, mobile application, gym software, mobile app, technology, website, sports center, efficient fitness, managing sports center

If you are the manager of a gym and you are concerned with your customer’s satisfaction according to your offer, read more since this might interest you.

We show up you ISMYGYM, a complete solution for holding your online gym. We offer different possibilities to have presence on the Internet with a website you can customize by yourself and an App available for Android and Iphone smartphones, we adapt to you.

Ask to your customers if they would like to have the events information, schedule of activities, trainers, classes, etc, everything at their fingertips. Would you know the answer? Undoubtedly, they would answer they cannot understand how in this era of technology, their gym don’t provide this service that makes life easier yet.

With the mobile App you’ll be able to:

  • Manage activities schedule
  • Inform about events or occasional activities by free notifications to your device
  • Send custom notifications to customers
  • Manage bookings of classes or fitness resources
  • Spread opinion polls
And much more benefits…

The website will enable you to:

  • Access to usage statistics
  • Manage opinion polls
  • Manage the integration with Social Networks
  • Give access to private area of trainers
And more…

See our website, easily sign up and try ISMYGYM during a month without obligation. Or if you prefer you could try our demo web

If you are a gym customer, surely you’ve had to leave the gym or changing your routine because you went to a class that it was canceled and you weren’t notified. Oh! No! Tragedy! With ISMYGYM that won’t happen because you will receive a notification by mobile phone App (or email) informing you about every schedule changes of your preferred activities.
Don’t you think that it´s an awesome idea? Claim it in your sport center. You deserve it!

Now it´s the time, The world of sport and healthy life are following new technologies!

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