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01 ene 1970. Reputation management online. 5 Keys to get online presence

Reputation management online. 5 Keys to get online presence

Published by: Maria del Mar Inda Cervino Category: web 3.0 Tags: offtopic, web 3.0, visibility, social network, marketing, mobile application, online reputation, keys

Nowadays, using technology take part in our daily life. Moreover, the mobile market is growing and conquering it is turning into a goal for companies, does not matter if it is a traditional or new creation company.

Having a valuable product and waiting for a success to come is not enough. That traditional thought is becoming to be obsolete in that days if you realize the glut in the general market, users of internet are saturated with the informative impacts that they receive over internet in one day. Because of that, it´s worth going at getting the reputation that you desire for your product or company. The issue is important enough TO ACT in that way and getting on board of tecnology 3.0.
Look out! If you drop back, You will lose opportunities!

It means getting the customer satisfaction by providing them with the best service. Warranting they have a unique experience with our product or service, will help to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Also the customer satisfaction becomes the key for companies to get their fidelity. Fidelity issue also should concern us because the customer is more fussy when he buys something than before.

Now the question is, How could we get our offer valuable? Take some keys for improving your online presence.

1. Owing an optimized website. It must be visual and intuitive. Also it is important to upload date information and useful for customers.

2. Offering a mobile application that complement your website. It is essential to have it because the statistics shows the increase of smartphone users. In consequence the customer wants to have everything “just tapping the screen with a finger”. Mobile applications have the same utilities that the website offer, but in this case, mobile applications are adapted to the smartphone´s specific operation.

3. Having presence in Social Networks. It´s named Social Media Marketing and its reach is unlimited because the information gives out over it so quickly. The mobile application´s notifications are synchronized with your Social Network as well.

4. Generating quality content. Do not saturate your users with a huge amount of information. You must create content that give personality to your company. You should share compatible news with your business model, and about complementary products as well.

5. Having an ON-OFF coordinated strategy, following the same deal. We should not forget that our online strategy must be complementary to our offline strategy. That means we must be careful not to promise things we cannot deliver. We need to attend the demands of our customers, personally or online.

To sum up, reinvent yourself or die!

If you want to improve your business strategy in that way, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team @zuinqstudio will be happy to help you. Just fill the contact form here

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