Accessibility Statement

We want our site to be accessible to the biggest amount of people. We have adopted some measures with the object of improving the Zuinq Studio website accessibility.

The reasons that have leaded us to develop this accessibility policy are several.
  • It makes it easy the access of handicapped people, old people and in general, all users.
  • It allows the access with different browsers, devices, etc.
  • It involves clearer and more organized contents .
  • It improves the navigation and the user experience

All of our websites obey to the AA brand according to the Normative UNE 139803:2004 and the Principles of Accessibility to the Web 1.0 of W3C content as minimal requirements. And we make a big effort to guarantee that all of our content in our web obey also to that requirements.

These are some of the measures we have taken:

  • We try to use a clear and simple code.
  • We use alternate text for our images.
  • The used HTML code fulfills the standard: XHTML 1.0 Strict .
  • We check the contrast of the used colors.
  • The design has been made to be compatible with the largest amount of possible browsers.
  • We have incorporated access by shortcut keys to the main options.

Shortcut keys

The defined keys to navigate around our website are:

  • shortcut key 0 - Home.
  • shortcut key 1- Zuinq Studio.
  • shortcut key 2 - Products and Services.
  • shortcut key 3 - Development.
  • shortcut key 4 - Labs.
  • shortcut key 5 - Blog.
  • shortcut key 6 - Contact.
  • shortcut key 7 – Legal notice.
  • shortcut key 8 - Accessibility.


The website Zuinq Studio has been tested in the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Mozilla Firefox 4
  • Mozilla Firefox 5
  • Mozilla Firefox 6
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

The shortcut keys are determined by the browser:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + shortcut key, we release it and push ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + CAPS + shortcut key
  • Opera: CAPS + ESC + shortcut key
  • Safari (MacOS): CTRL shortcut key
  • Safari (Windows): ALT + shortcut key


Our struggle at improving the accessibility of our website is continuous, that is why we would like to take your opinion into account: any complaint, consult or suggestion to improve the accessibility of this website may be filled to the email web[dot], through the contact form in the website or calling to: +34 955 293 373